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The Greater Maple Valley Network Association is committed to helping each member through its successful referral network. Join us and start building your profitable business relationships!

The Greater Maple Valley Network Association, formed in 1991, is a group of small business owners committed to supporting and promoting other association businesses within their communities. Members gather weekly to share ideas, learn about new business concepts and/or services, and exchange business referrals. Since this group of businesses contains no duplication, any particular referral goes to one logical recipient. The value of such a referral is tremendous!

Our Members

Benefits of Membership

Our group can help you increase exposure to many other people and businesses.
  • Increase word-of-mouth business & referrals

  • Broaden your sales contacts

  • Provide you with a new stream of qualified buyers for your product or service

  • Give you new ideas for sales and marketing

  • Provide you with support and ideas to solve problems as you grow your busines

Slide "Through the power of the GMVNA, my business has shown
significant growth! As a result of belonging to this network
group, I have become a more confident public speaker and
learned the value of strong business relationships."
-- Traci Sciuchetti, Timely Design
Slide "I have been a GMVNA member for many years and have greatly
enjoyed the group. I believe it is the best networking group
in the area. Membership is inexpensive and no one makes
money just from my being in the group. My business has
been enhanced by group referrals and I have many
businesses I can refer with confidence, knowing they will
do a great job for the client."
-- Fritz Gottfried, Hawthorn Tree Massage & Emu Ranch

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