GMVNA Minutes 02.04.2020

    In attendance:  Agueda, Atty  Traci Sciuchetti (departed early), Agueda Harris (departed early)
    Reported Absence:  Heather, John, Tania
    Unreported Absence: Rommel
    Guest:  Laura with Partain Chiropractic & Massage
Treasurer:  Standard report.
Referral Report:  No report.
Membership:  Standard report.
Old Business
1) MV Days — Need a member to take the lead in organizing our efforts and to recruit others for duties and shifts.  Each member was asked to consider their availability to participate actively.
2) Discussed the death of a prior member, Tricia.  Services are 2/22 @ noon at Edline-Yahn in Covington.  Val will bring a card to the next couple of meetings for us all to sign.
3) Tatiana reminded the group, in particular new members, of the option to add personal webpage content to the GMVNA website.  The one-time cost to do so is $75.
New Business
1) Establishing use of red, blue, white poker chips to identify breakfast choice.  The menu choices and chips will be on a nearby table for selection prior to the start of our meeting.  No special orders will be taken.
            Red = bacon, eggs (poached), hash browns
            Blue = bacon, eggs (over medium), French toast
            White = oatmeal and fruit
1)  Larissa — Fix & Build.  Shared several recent projects as part of a remodel in progress in Kirkland.  Included flooring, painting, shelving, doors.
2)  Elizabeth — Forever Lilacs.  It’s almost Valentine’s Day.  Time to place orders.  Elizabeth is picky about roses and adds a wire to each rose. She had one to show and share.  She shared about her business process and cashflow.
Next Week Speakers
2/11 = Tatiana and Guest, Laura
2/18 =  Missy and Atty
There were eight inside referrals and four outside referrals for a total of 12 referrals.  Lisa won the cup.
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