GMVNA Minutes 03.2.2020

Attendees: Gina, Sue, Larissa, Missy, Rhonda, Laura, Agueda, Tatiana, Traci, Lisa, Val, Heidi

Absent: John, Elizabeth, Heather, Rommel, Rick, Gail, Atty


Old News:  Stocktons possibly be open in the AM for meetings April1 or whenever Phase 3 opens due to lack of staffing.  Spring Fling get together will discuss more next week possibly at Sue’s.  Keep looking for guests to attend meetings for membership drive.  Let Gina know name so she can let them in.



No new news


Speakers 3/2/21 Val and Traci


Speaker 3/9/21 Rommel and Tatiana


Todays Speakers


Larissa- Offer many types of home improvement. Such as chimney improvements and repairs.  Minor electrical repairs, painting inside and out, bathroom renovations, laundry renovations.  Reminder to make sure waterproof paint is used for laundry and bath.  Also,  can help with rental properties.



Adjourned 8:15 AM

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