GMVNA Minutes – 04.10.18

Greater Maple Valley Network Association
April 10, 2018 at Stockton’s Restaurant

Meeting called to order at 7:30am

In attendance: John Wolfarth (President), Gina Tucker (Vice President),  Sue Sherer (Secretary), Val Paganelli (Membership), Traci Sciuchetti (Publicity), Tatiana Proctor (ePublicity), Agueda Aguayo, Rommel Corsilles, Heather Campbell, Rick Owen, Kevin Busby

Absent: Lisa Agron (Treasurer)

Returning guest: Serge Derkachev from Seattle Fridge Repair

Visitor: Ric Holm, general contractor

We heard commercials and reports, passed cards and cup.

Old Business:  Tatiana asked that we remember to go to each others’ social media sites and give reviews. This will help boost everyone in the search engines and drive more business to our websites and our doors.

New Business: Maple Valley Days is back on the table, June 8th thru 10th. Please check your availability to work the booth for a shift of a few hours. [someone] offered to reach out to Jim McCann to see if he has the banners and tent.

Gina with Juice Plus/Tower Gardens brought visual aids and shared that Juice Plus has been in business over 25 years. The owners started with safety products and gradually moved into whole food nutrition available in a capsule or gummy. As part of a worldwide children’s health study, when adults buy products, kids get the gumies for free and participate in a worldwide survey. The newest capsule offering is the all plant-based Omega Blend, which has a wide spectrum of omegas and doesn’t leave you with fishy aftertaste. They also have nutrition bars and protein shakes. After an illness, you can flood your body with nutrients to reset your health – you can’t OD. We all know the best produce is the freshest, and you can’t get any fresher than growing your own with a Tower Garden. Because there is no soil involved, your produce will not be impacted by the mineral content, and will taste better too. Tower gardens have been shown to produce up to 30% greater yields than growing in the dirt. Now they offer an add-on unit with 32 spots for micro-greens (sprouts) to add more variety to your diet. There are grants available to educators who want to put tower gardens in their classrooms. Remember, this is not a diet or weight loss program, but a path to creating a more healthy lifestyle.

Heather’s background in nursing naturally led her to an interest in the health of your largest organ – your skin. Now she is taking care to the next level with Mary Kay products. Remember, the better you look, the more successful and trustworthy you appear to your clients. Mary Kay products made in the USA and Europe are not animal tested and follow the USA and more stringent EU standards. They offer several sets of products that can be used in a 3-step plan: cleanser, moisturizer, and a third step that differs by line. All sets have at least 15 SPF, and many have 30 SPF for added protection. Each product line comes in an oily, normal and dry skin type and you can mix and match within any of the sets. The Men’s line has fewer steps to keep it simpler because most men do not want to invest time in skin care. They have cleansers, shaving cream and after-shave gel with SPF. Mary Kay is the 3rd largest direct seller and they are able to keep their products affordable due to the low overhead (no retail spaces or mass marketing).

Referral slips were turned in.  There was a tie, and the cup will be carried over.

Next speakers: Serge will be giving his first presentation, and Rommel will speak too. Next are Kevin and Traci.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:31 am.

Respectfully submitted,
Sue Sherer

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