GMVNA Minutes 04.20.2020

GMVNA Meeting Minutes 4/20/21

Attendees: Gina, Agueda, Heidi, Tatiana, Val, Sue, John, Larisa, Missy, Lisa, Traci

Absent: Heather, Rhonda, Gail, Atty, Laura, Elizabeth, Rommel, Rick

Old Business: Celebration tentatively 5/22 at Sues house

New Business: Schram and Associates has donated an add space to the group

Todays Speakers


Heidi- Talked about Elta MD SPF products. Sunscreen season is here but SPF should be worn daily.   Elta MD has sunscreen that you want to wear. It protects you and also benefits your skin. Modest price point so everyone can afford. She will supply samples if anyone would like to try the SPF.


John- Current market is aggressive buyers. Some doing anything to get into a house they want. Offering earnest money without guarantee of sale. Waving inspections. Some buyers may ask you for your HOA information as far as how stable the HOA is.


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