GMVNA Minutes 05.05.2020

Attendees: Val, Tatiana, Agueda, Sue, Gina, Larisa, Traci, Missy, Atty, John, Lisa, Heidi, Elizabeth, Rommel, Tania

Absent: Rick

Guests: Ken Erickson guest of Tania, American Family

Membership: No new members to report keep inviting potential members that wish to grow their business. Reminder to share on social media.

Old Business: If any changes are needed for your business on the GMVNA website please email Val. Videos can be added through YouTube Tatiana can help with this.

New Business: With the cancellation of Maple Valley Days there may possibly be an alternative event later if possible


Rommel- Tour of his shop. He is using social distancing in his shop and is still servicing vehicles. He does most auto repairs with the exception of bodywork. Both servicing and diagnosing. He is happy to be a business owner and American!

Val- Explained that her client dialogue has been different lately given the times. Helping adjust finances for short term changes as well as plan for the long term. Plan for future emergencies as well. Explained the cares act. She is available for advice by phone and happy to help.

Winner of referrals- Rommel

Up-coming speakers

1. Heather and Heidi 5/12

2. Sue and Ken or Tania 5/19

Meeting adjourned 8:30

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