GMVNA Minutes – 05.08.18

Greater Maple Valley Network Association
May 8, 2018 at Stockton’s Restaurant

Meeting called to order at 7:33 am

In attendance: John Wolfarth (President), Gina Tucker (Vice President),  Lisa Agron (Treasurer),  Sue Sherer (Secretary), Val Paganelli (Membership), Traci Sciuchetti (Publicity), Tatiana Proctor (ePublicity), Heather Campbell, Rick Owen, Kevin Busby

Absent: Rommel Corsilles, Agueda Aguayo, Serge Derkachev

We heard commercials and reports, passed cards and cup.

Old Business:  Maple Valley Days is coming up on June 8th thru 10th. Sue brought a sign-up list, and we filled in portions of it. She will continue to bring the sign-up each week. John will continue to work on finding the tent and banners, and Gina has a spare that will work if we can’t located ours. This is an opportunity to promote membership in the GMVNA, but while you are working in the booth, you will also have a chance to promote your own business. Gina suggested we make individual business banners by simply blowing up our business card and laminating it. She will check with Dana at Copy It, Mail It for pricing.

New Business:  none

Lisa from Finance of America started by asking us for our impressions of the real estate market. She then outlined how, during the last real estate “bubble,” the house pricing was well above what local wages could support. The current condition is reversed, which means there is still room for the housing market to climb. The Fed will be adjusting rates later this year again, and Lisa explained how the bond market plays into that.She anticiaptes the growth will continue as interest rates slowly climb, for about 18 months. Research has shown that each new home sale puts 27 people to work, so the government is very interested in maintaining the growth. But this is not just a seller’s market. Lisa explained the math behind the cost of waiting to purchase, and even with gently rising interest rates, on a $400k home, it will cost you thousands in additional interest by waiting even just one more year. Talk to Lisa about your mortgage situation and find out how she can help you get into the home of your dreams. Remember, the right time to purchase a new home is when it’s right for YOU.

Rick at Patriot Heating and A/C is looking ahead now to A/C season – our weather here is getting measurably warmer each year, and even if our hottest time is only a few weeks long, having air conditioning can make all the difference. Many companies push heat pumps, but those are not always the best optoin, especially if you have gas heat. Rick explained the difference between a SEAR rating and the HSPF rating, and why he won’t try to upsell customers on something they don’t need. The cost of higher efficiency may never be recouped over the life of the unit, unless they are upgrading from electric baseboard heating. If you or someone you know are thinking of installing A/C, now is the time to get on the schedule. Rick is already booking appointments out into June, leaving gaps for repair and maintenance appointments. Speaking of which – now is also the time to do the maintenance on your A/C unit BEFORE it breaks.  Rick stands behind his work and guarantees his labor even when the manufacturer warranty doesn’t.

Referral slips were turned in. Several people had one referral, and it was agreed to carry over the cup.

Next speakers: John and Agueda. The following week will be Tatiana and TBD.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:28 am.

Respectfully submitted,
Sue Sherer

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