GMVNA Minutes 05.18.2020

Attendees: Gina, Missy, Larisa, Heather, Lisa, Tatiana, Val, Sue, John, Heidi, Agueda, Traci

Guests: Shane and Sarah

Absent: Rick, Laura, Rommel, Elizabeth, Gail


Old News: Sues Address for party this weekend 22426 SE 300th Street Black Diamond, Bring Chairs, Bring dish and Gift for Exchange


New News: No New News


Speakers: Next week Heidi and Sue



Missy- Scout and Cellar clean crafted wine.  No preservatives or sulfites.  Beware that many wines are high in added sugar, preservatives, and not all wine is Vegan.  Their wine is sourced from all over including Italy, Spain, and France. Company is based in Texas.  Rose is popular right now with the warmer months.  They have cans of wine for picnics and travel as well as spritzers.  Also have a non-alcoholic version.


Heather- Mary Kay.  Skin changes with seasons so skincare may need to change as well.  Sun is the biggest factor in aging.  Mary Kay does not test on animals.  Micelar water is popular right now for cleaning the face.  She has a limited edition Black Cherry set right now with lotion and spritz.


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