GMVNA Minutes – 06.12.18

Greater Maple Valley Network Association
June 12, 2018 at Stockton’s Restaurant

Meeting called to order at 7:30 am

In attendance: John Wolfarth (President), Gina Tucker (Vice President), Sue Sherer (Secretary), Val Paganelli (Membership), Traci Sciuchetti (Publicity), Tatiana Proctor (ePublicity), Rommel Corsilles, Agueda Aguayo, Rick Owen, Heather Campbell, Kevin Busby, Heidi Sivertsen

Returning Guest: Dawn Brown with Minuteman Press

Absent:  Lisa Agron (Treasurer),  Serge Derkachev

Everyone welcomed Heidi as our newest member 😊

We heard commercials and reports, passed cards and cup.

Old Business:  Nominations for officers is open, and elections will be held on the last Tuesday of June. Terms run for 6 months (except Treasurer), beginning next in July. Sue made note of nominations so far.

New Business: Heather offered to host our group’s summer picnic. Date will be August 18th. Details will follow later.

Val from Edward Jones noted that graduation time is a good landmark for reviewing your retirement expense model and savings goals. She always strives to understand her clients’ relationship with money so she can help them to plan accordingly.After passing around the latest copy of their Perspectives flyer that they make available to all clients, we peeked through it a little. Val explained about the basic idea behind the Fed’s management of interest rates and what that means to investors. In the current climate,short term investments will get you more bang for the buck, and even Edward Jones is not recommending holding more than 15% in your portfolio. Val mentioned the three biggest mistakes investors can make, and wrapped up by telling us how Edward Jones gives back by supporting Alzheimers research.

Rommel was pleased to note that East Hill Auto has been in its current location for over 10 years, and atrtributes a great deal of his growth to membership in the GMVNA. He noted that the auto repair industry is constatnly evolving, pointing to the changes in A/C coolants and systems over just the past 10 years. The newest non-freon compliant parts are not interchangeable with any of the old ones, so shops have to maintain separate equipment to service each type. Rommel spends the bulk of his day on his stool in his command center and on the phone. He gets frequent calls with basic questions, people asking for quotes, and folks wanting to schedule apppointments. It’s important to note that he is not the cheapest auto shop, and that price-shoppers will not always end up finding a shop that does good quality work. East Hill Auto will always do a complete, high-quality job for their customers, including reiminding them when it’s time for scheduled maintenance. Rommel ended his time with a few interesting trivia questions for the group.

Referral slips were turned in. Rommel won the cup.

Next speakers: Traci and Sue. The following week will be Rick and Dawn, for her presentation.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:32 am.

Respectfully submitted,
Sue Sherer

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