GMVNA Minutes 06.15.2021

Attendees: Gina, Heidi, Sue, Gail, Heather, Val, Larissa, Traci, Tatiana, John, Missy, Lisa

Kimberly and Shane Guests


Absent: Sarah, Rommel, Agueda


Old News: None

New News: Sarah was voted into the group, nominations for upcoming election



Shane- United UVC Founded in 2020. Based in Covington WA.  International company.Commercial and residential.  To address airborne viruses.  Cut down on employee sick days.

Gina- Nutritional supplement.  Eating for health not weightloss.  Vitamins from plants. 85% of health problems go untreated.


Upcoming speakers Gail and Lisa


Adjourned 8:35 AM

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