GMVNA Minutes – 07.09.18

Meeting started at 7:35 am.

In attendance: Sue (president) Lisa (treasurer) John, Agueda, Rick, Dawn, Heidi, Val, Heather (Secretary)

New guest- Tricia Pleasant; Mindset strategies, Bodywork and Yoga.

Dawn was given her official book of business cards.

Old business: Picnic at Campbell’s for Aug 18th….will revisit for Sept. 8 th.

Tatiana is checking into photo booth for holiday. Keep your ears open for an Event


Agueda: Magic Cleaning. Geographically she will go to Bonny Lake

John; John L Scott Realty More homes closing this month.

229/ sq foot. Days on the market has decreased. Sellers’ market.

Will find out from Gina who is speaking

Referrals: Lisa 1 outside, Dawn 1 outside. Dawn wins.

Meeting adjourned 8:27.

Thank you

Heather Campbell, RN

Envision HH,

Mary Kay Consultant

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