GMVNA Minutes – 07.17.18

Meeting Greater Maple Valley Networking Association started at 7:32 am

In attendance: Sue (president), Lisa (treasurer), Heather (secretary), John, Val, Heidi, Agueda, Gina. Dawn, Kevin, Tatiana Referral report: The referral report will now be out with the meeting minutes.

Bring New potential Members; We will focus on 2nd Tuesday of every Month.

First one will be Aug. 14th. If you have a guest, please don’t hesitate To invite before that.

Old Business: passed around the bylaws.

Please go online and give reviews for each other Google is now kicking off any reviews over 6 months old.

Heidi- ULTherapy.

Nonevasive; US. As the skin loses its elasticity, it sags. The therapy tightens up the skin you can pick each area. It’s an overall tight, fresh look.

It usually needs to be done every 2 years. Heidi gives the free touch up at 4 months. Aug 10th, There is a Brow WOW to try.

Kevin Busby:

Signal App. If you are a Farmers Client, you automatically get a 3% discount, and it can grow up to a 15% discount.

Tracks mileage, how distracted you are, how you brake, how fast.

Speakers for next week: Heather, and Gina.

Following week for Rommel and Sue July 31st.

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