GMVNA Minutes 08.31.2021

GMVNA 8/31 Meeting Minutes


Attendees: Gina, Heidi, Heather, Gail, Shane, Lisa, John, Sue, Sarah, Agueda, Traci, Larisa, Sue, Val


Absent- Tatiana, Laura, Rick, Rommel


Old Business- Rotarry auction basket deadline 9/29 decided group will do a basket Heidi will organize with Heather helping.

New Business- No stocktons still, no 516, Sarah checking with Black Diamond Bakery, Lisa offered her office.



Heidi: Overview of Doctors and office. Overview of services offered. New device for sale Red Light mask.


John: Things to think about for your home. Carbon Monoxide detector, stay up to date on furnace maintenance, fireplace maintenance, refrigerator clean underneath, keep outdoor light working, smoke detector up to date batteries, fire extinguisher.


Next week speakers


Tatiana and Sue


Adjourned 8:30 AM

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