GMVNA Minutes – 10.03.17

Greater Maple Valley Network Association
October 03, 2017 at Stockton’s Restaurant

Meeting called to order at 7:37 am

In attendance: John Wolfarth (President), Gina Tucker (Vice President), Sue Sherer (Secretary), Rick Owen, Val Paganelli, Tatiana Proctor

Lisa Agron (Treasurer), Traci Sciuchetti (Publicity), Rommel Corsilles (Membership), Colton Hein, Sunny Jo Konop, Agueda Aguayo

We heard commercials and the cup was passed.
Gina gave the list of upcoming speakers:
10/17: Tatiana & Rommel
10/24: Gina & Sue
10/31: Rick & Agueda

There was general discussion about inviting potential members.
We heard reports and passed business cards.

Old Business:
Website – Tatiana explained how we will have different website addresses that will all point to the same site so people can find us using different searches. She also suggested that we have an address and other contact information on the website for optimal searching, plus to have more ways for potential members to find us.

New Business:
Holiday Party – we will look at dates in early January, and Sue was volun-told to host.
Tatiana also brought up the idea of holding a community event to get more exposure for the group, such as a public Santa photo booth, and keep costs down by just letting folks use their own camera/phone to take pictures. We brainstormed other ideas on how, where and when.

John Wohlfarth (John L. Scott Real Estate) spoke about how the customer service we all provide is actually written into the law governing real estate agencies, and noted that in Washington, realtors are actually limited practice attorneys in order to complete purchase and sale contracts. The real estate market is still strong, underscored by the statistic that over 70,000 new driver’s licenses were issued to out-of-state drivers in King County alone last year. He was more interesting than watching paint dry…

Next week’s speakers are Lisa and Jose (for his delayed 4th meeting speech).

Referral slips were turned in to John. Rick was the winner, but the cup will be carried over.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 am.

Respectfully submitted,
Sue Sherer

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