GMVNA Minutes 10.05.2021


Gina, Larisa, Heidi, John, Lisa, Agueda, Traci, Tatiana, Sue


Old news- Still planning to meet at Black Diamond Bakery in person in the next couple weeks.  Gina will send email of exact date and will email past members also.  Will still have zoom capability for those that cannot make it.


New news- none





Traci- She is able to do graphic design as well as many other marketing materials.  Graphic design can help with logo and branding design.  Also can design merchandise with logo for branding such as apparel, packaging, and giveaways. Can design with a combination of words and picture.


Gina- Her product is different than vitamins.  She offers the fruits and veggies as well as Omegas.  Discussion on Omegas and why they are important.  Brain needs the Omega Fats and Heart.  Also discussion of polyphenols.



Meeting Adjourned 8:20 AM


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