GMVNA Minutes 11.16.2021

Attendees: Gina, Larisa, Traci, Heidi, Sue, Heather, John, Rick, Tatiana


Absent: Lisa, Gail


Old Business:  New meeting place possibly Ristrettos stand by for update before next weeks meeting.  Holiday party first weekend after New Years.


New Business:  Need new members.  Mechanic, Hair Dresser, etc .


Speakers:  Next week Rick and Traci then 11/30/21 will be Tatiana and Sue


John:  John L Scott  Be careful of homeowner specials remodeling your home.  Because it works for you does not mean it will be appealing to future buyers.  Right now with the way the market is, is not as much as a factor as it can be when it is not a sellers marker.  Keep your eye out when buying a new home for lead paint, popcorn ceilings et.


Heidi:  She does Teen Facials as well as anti age treatments.  Can help with education, homecare, as well as in office teen or Acne facial.



Adjourned 8:20 AM


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