GMVNA Minutes 2.1.2022

GMVNA Meeting Minutes 2/1/22 7:30 AM

Attendees: Gail, Rick, Val, Heidi, Traci, Tatiana, Heather, Larissa, John, Gina, Laura, Lisa, Sue

Old Business:   New Dues $40 per month. Planning on Summer for get together




Heidi- Discussed history of employment and how she evolved within the company.


Rick- With Seattle banning natural gas. Some switching over to electric heat pumps to work around the new standards and keep the bills down. His company offers financing and his daughter is in the office to help out with financing. Average life span is 18-24 years. Prices most likely will not come down once they go up.



Next week speakers: 2/8/22 Traci and Tatiana then 2/15/22 Heather and Sue


Adjourned 8:30 AM



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