GMVNA Minutes 2.15.2022

GMVNA Meeting Minutes 2/15/2022

Attendees: Gina, Rick, Lara, Heidi, Val, Traci, Lisa, Heather, John, Sue, Gail, Tatiana



Old Business-Dues are 40 and most owe for January and February.

No New Business




Heather Mary Kay- Mary Kay uses European standards for ingredients no US. Heather is happy to give advice on which products work best and does not charge for her time. She can let you know what will suit your specific needs. She also has a photo tool to try on make up colors before you buy. She recommends Retinol for anti age.


Sue- Sue went over information from tax Payor Advocate Group which spelled out all of the issues in the past couple years with IRS that have affected the filer and the professionals. Delays with processing, not answering calls, or email, among many other flaws have affected millions of people and is frusterating for the the proffesionals.


Next week Speakers


John and Lisa



Gina and Val


Adjourned 8:30 Am

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