GMVNA Minutes 4.07.2020

Members :  I was having trouble logging on so I may have missed someone

                        Missy, Val, John, Elizabeth, Heather, Atty, Heidi, Ageda, Gina, Laura, Larissa, Tatiana, Sue, Tracy, Lisa

No Guests

Missing Members: Rommel, Rick, Tania

Membership:  No new members to report keep inviting potential members that wish to grow their business

Old business:  MV Days, definite call has been made if anything would be postponed

No new business


Larissa- Fix and Build.  Represents her husband Alexander.  Review of recent projects; railings, spring freshen up, bark and gravel

Elizabeth-Forever Lilacs.  Business is slower.  Still working as long as she can obtain flowers from suppliers, great idea for nursing homes, friends  and family you cannot visit due to social distancing

Upcoming Speakers

1)      Tatiana & Laura 4/14

2)      Missy & Atty 4/21

Winner of Referral Kitty:  John

Meeting Adjourned 8:30 AM

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