GMVNA Minutes 8.14.18


Called to order at 733am

Guest: 7 guests: Debbie- Sency, Tricia- message, Tom-flips house, Nancy – hemp oil, Amy -Attorney-land. Mark- family insurance. Wayne-

Members: Lisa, Sue, Gina, Traci, Val, Rommel, Dawn, Tatiana, Kevin, John,  Heather, Dawn


Referral report:

Old Business: Picnic is now is SUNDAY, Sept 9th, 1-6pm. Adult beverages are provided by the network group, each member is asked to bring a side dish. There will bee sign up sheet for that.

Lisa Agron; Fiance.

Mortgage process: interview person. 2) get your paperwork in order.

3) find a home- do inspection and appraisal. 4) processing phase

5) lending is by the LOWER price between appraisal and asking price

6) underwriting. ******NO MAJOR CHANGES, during this process

Dawn: Minutemen Press

The franchise, but still family owned. 1973 MM Press started. MM uses 3M products. Even though Franchised, they can market as they want. Clients Can now email their prints they want. Dawn opened her business in April 2018.

SPEAKERS NEXT WEEK: Agueda, and Rick

Tentative after that, Rommel and Kevin

Heather and Heidi

Sue won Cup

Meeting adjourned 833 am.

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