GMVNA Minutes 9.18.18

Greater Maple Valley Network Association weekly Tuesday business meeting.

Called to order at 731am

Members: 12; Sue, Gina, Agueda, John, Dawn, Tatiana, Traci, Val, heather, Lisa, Heidi, New Member Nancy

Guests; 1 Katrina Hartland Business Solutions.

Please don’t forget that the purpose of the meeting is to grow our community Business. Next Month 10/9/18 for another guest push

Old Business: Vote on memberships for Amy and Tricia. Both accepted.

Auction: Oct 13 for the Rotary of voting a basket.

New Business; Welcome to Nancy

Please make sure that we each go to each other’s FB page, and write reviews

Heidi: Hydrofacial MD patent instant results with no downtime. Cleanse exfoliate, delivers peptides to the skin. Light peel, extraction, Next week sales gave away product

John; life story. John is happy which makes him the perfect person to help sell/ buy

Next speaker: Dawn and Tatiana

Then. Sue and Agueda.

Sue won a cup with 3 OUTSIDE referrals!!!

Adjourned at 830 am.

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